Original Poem – Agape

I have been working everyday this entire summer, and for being on a golf cart alone the majority of my shifts, I have a lot of time to think. It is easy to let material things or people limit your worth. It is easy to disbelieve in yourself. In fact, I often find myself limiting my abilities and gifts, my ability to be loved, and God’s love for me. So like always, I began to write (because I’m a nerd or something :). I wrote from a trapped mindset, but in the end, we are just the opposite. One person does not mean we are unlovable, one lost opportunity does not mean that we are unable.

In fact, the boxes we find ourself in are actually gateways to the biggest things – we just need to break down the walls. 

Here is a poem I wrote kind of about this all. Interpret it how you like, let me know what you got out of it.

I believe it to be a tree;

With full leaves and thousands of branches,

Constantly growing, reaching,

As a home to all who approach it.

I believe it to be an ocean;

With waves that can tear anything down.

But with tides that provide life and adoration

To all who are within it.

I believe it to be a mountain;

With trails that point toward the sky.

A trek, a gift, a feeling of attainment

For all who stand atop its peak.

And yet I keep it in a box;

A box with limits and conditions,

With contingent love, ideas, and intentions,

For myself I cant escape.

But it is not a tree,

for it has no seasons.

It is not an ocean,

for it does no harm.

It is not a mountain,

For it reaches past the stars.

The limited cannot describe

The limitless.

For it is not a moon, nor a galaxy,

not a simple constellation,

It is a universe, without walls,

To all who abide within it.

Note to Self: Live where you are supposed to, don’t trap yourself. Love like you are loved.

Until next time,


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