Original Poem – Yellow.

I usually don’t post my poetry on here, but why not start. Here is a poem I wrote for my good friend Cate Goen. I call it Yellow.

You spoke in colors

I dreamed to touch;

I felt them in the sky.

In the wind’s warm kiss or

The first light of You.

In the stars as they brighten,

Or the sun peeking behind a cloud.

Held within a child’s laugh or

A field full of lilies.

I notice every inch of color;

It feels like yellow.

Its laugh is vibrant,

As bright as the hue of you.


You speak in colors I don’t understand

And at times wish I could unsee.

The colors in heartbreak,

In pain, in harsh words.

Within Babylon

And unattainable dreams.

And yet the yellow remains –

If only just a hint.

With time it seems to grow even brighter.

The colors that scare me,

The colors I love —

All yellow, or as yellow is soon to be.


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