Grand Canyon

The wheels were spinning on the hot pavement as we drove through Indian Territories and desert earth. The clouds filled the sky and heat burned the pavement.

The Hoover Dam, our first stop, was an hour spent with hungry kids, short observations, and a lot of stairs. We looked at the dam from a perpendicular bridge and drove across it to get to Arizona. Overall, my dad was by far the most excited about this small adventure contained within an even bigger one.

My siblings and I took joy in the fact that this would be our first trip together after their move to Iowa, and for that reason there was minimal fighting and lots of stupid jokes.

When we got to the Canyon itself, we could not see much except a parking lot and a bus stop. But minutes later, I found myself in complete awe. On our third bus ride, we stopped on a large plateau that looked over the river. The topography became so real to me at this moment: I was standing within a formation of rock bigger than anything I had ever seen. Each crevice and dive was naturally made and I could see nothing but canyon miles in each direction.

We ran on top of the world to a structure that caught our eye. It stood tall, on top of a small rock pile, extremely old and worn down. It was the entrance to an old gondola, one that took men down to an oil rig. I stood in this structure, looking out of what once was a wall, and I was truly overwhelmed. At the moment, I understand the true meaning of feeling small in a way I had never experienced; I understood what it meant to look my Creator in the eye and stare dumbfounded at a masterpiece. As Wyatt, Harper and I looked through this wall, it was easy for me to understand the complexity of my surroundings and the simplicity of myself. And I think that is what the Grand Canyon is all about (for me anyway).

Something so large, so complex, so vast and unending, and yet it was right under my nose. And I, a small being, was able to stand within it: a place that holds so much history. That is what makes this canyon so cool. A place that brings people of different ethnicities and backgrounds together to see a complete masterpiece.

The following are a few unedited photos from the trip.



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