Mineral Trail

The week of June 2nd I embarked on a week long backpacking trip with no service, no camera of my own, a pack on my back, and a journal and pen. Here are a couple excerpts I wrote from each day on the trail…

Sunday: As I set my eyes on what is ahead of me I am drawn to the snow capped mountains that touch the sky and the setting sun coming to say goodnight. Distractions are endless, yet somehow disappear. I am only responsible for my pack and my boots and am here in an attempt to understand my worth.

Monday: I am sitting here with my socks-and-chacs on with a headband to hold back my greasy hair. I am facing the valley that a river travels through where a mountain stands tall and centered. Here I look back on the trail I hiked with a mug of hot chocolate that used to be ramen. Here I feel free and small.

Tuesday: Today I had a snowball fight in shorts, saw naked men from a distance, and made snow angels with good friends. I haven’t been challenged physically as much as I thought, but more so mentally. I have found my place I think. I’ve realized that a moving mountain stream is terrifying and fast, and yet so beautiful, similar to life on the trail. If you don’t stop to look at the views they will escape you.  My socks are wet and my toes are cold, as we climb it gets harder to catch your breath. But I feel incredibly at home.

Wednesday: WE PEAKED. Man were you worth it. Your sunrise of mist and pink and your endless view of towering mountains caused my heart to skip a beat. We cheered upon you today with capri suns and bubbles, and hiked to you for all the reasons you stand. We ventured through frozen toes and dangerous ice to relish in your beauty. Hands raised as I stand on top of the world, man was it worth it.

Thursday: Psalm 139:24… lead me in your way everlasting. Im alone in a valley with only a sleeping bag. I have found where I feel most at home this week. The mountains are insane, tiny makes me feel alive. You are alive kate. It’s time to start living like it.

That’s where I stopped, but hopefully that is enough to explain how isolated, adventurous, and remarkable the week was. The trail: what a place to be.

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