Our 12th Year

Black coffee four times a day, a different book each week, constantly at Maddie’s house, getting to school two hours early to hang out with my English teacher, africa pt.2, selling our house, adversity within, losing and finding faith, questionable choices, dinner club with my best friends, discovering what I want to do and who will stay steadfast beside me…

The movers have been in our front yard for three days now, as it is March 24. I am confused, stressed, lost, and all together anxiously driven. Barefoot and exhausted, friends show up between 2 and 4 to help load the van and be beside me. My house is now empty, and yet filled with the most important things to me; people I love. We hike down my homemade trail with ambitious hearts and nostalgic minds; we jump in the chilled lake fearless and joyful. After hours spent exploring, dancing, and everything in between, we head back up to my almost bare house. Instead of making dinner like we had been the past year, we hop in the Bronco and order Chinese take out. With chopsticks in hand and full bellies, we sit on my upstairs balcony one last time and reflect on the past four years and the memories we had made in my house alone, as well as the memories made as juniors. As the sun set with us on Shoreview Overlook one last time, I realized what junior year meant to me.

I live for people, I live to make relationships with people. And as the sun set one last time on a place I called home, I was faced with the reality that I would not have a true home for the next year; I understood that home is what you make of it. My home is people, and the love that others invest in me. I felt at home as we played hostage, I felt at home as we took sock wrestling to another level, I felt at home as we held a cuddling session on a bare guest room bed…

Junior year can be categorized by many things, and this is the last memory mine has held. However, somehow life managed to save the best for last.
Uncontrollably cheesy, I’m thankful for it: the memories and people that have been placed in my life for a reason.

Oh boy senior year, here we come.

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