Sunday Ecstasy

Left today with aching throats, sunburnt shoulders, and happy hearts. And oh boy would I have wished for nothing different.

Today, May seventh of twenty seventeen, began with an impromptu 10am trip to Fiesta Texas. After a honey butter chicken biscuit stop at Whataburger, we proceeded on a two hour drive going 90 miles an hour with windows down and music blasting. Ultimately, by the end of the day we had watched two six flag’s concerts (and were the number one fans at both), flipped upside-down an innumerable amount of times, ordered two molten lava cakes and four Route 44’s, and endured tangled hair and sore feet. But best of all, we sang as the sun set on I-35 and laughed so hard we felt happy tears.

In times of adversity and stress, it is hard to remember that the blisters on our feet are because of the good memories of walking, that the soreness of our throats is because of the laughing we have done, or that the sunset in front of our faces once created memories to last a lifetime.

These past months, weeks, days have been just like those. To take a step back and evaluate the lacking spontaneity I have had makes my heart ache. I need more days like these in my life. Truly don’t know where I was going with this, but it turned out to be more of a lesson for myself.

Grab a friend, or maybe two, and take a random trip. Create a worry-free day. Love the life you live, I sure don’t regret it.



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