Sunrise to Sunset

This year has been been a disaster: months full of stress, anger, and incomprehensible fear. I am constantly consumed with my own thoughts and a never-ending worry of what will happen next. My actions are influenced by the thought’s of others and my voice is not heard amidst those who are near me. I haven’t been able to sleep, I have had no motivation, and my passions are slipping through my clenched hands. With each day comes surprises- good and bad- that leave me to worry and think without stop. However, there are two things that happen each day that I anticipate gladly.

When I return home, the sky is a piece of artwork. Painted with vibrant colors the sun disappears until the colors left grow darker… and darker… and darker until the only color that remains is black and the daylight is no longer tangible. At this time I am left with my thoughts; I am left to anticipate the next day against the uneven odds happening inside my head. The darkness overwhelms the earth, it encompasses all nature and reservation that once was visible. It leaves me to lay by myself as it does many others. But with a dark sky comes beauty that otherwise wouldn’t be able to be seen: stars, the moon, a glimpse into our universe. The darkness may be vast, unending, but a new form of artwork is made, a piece that allows one to witness adversity and replace it with hope. Amongst the black, there are stars unimaginable and a universe unexplored. This is beautiful to me; the stars show me good in all scenarios and the unknown allows me to wonder and dream. These nights I stay awake and thank the sunset for the darkness it has brought, and the beauty that is brought with it. The night is a time for contemplation, for realization, and for new ideas and thoughts that would otherwise be nonexistent. Each day I know a sunset will come, with its flashing colors and chilling views, to bring a night filled with equal to more beauty; for this I anticipate the setting sun and am thankful.

When I wake, if I slept, it is usually well before my 5:30 A.M. alarm. As my bare foot finds the floor, it is still dark and cold. With each morning comes a tangible recognition of hope. I tend to be in a different setting every morning to witness the sunrise, but without question it always appears; it brings light. The artwork is changed once again, and the colors come back, ultimately fading to a shade of blue that is familiar to everybody. Sunrises remove the darkness, and establish a new beginning. Each person on this planet experiences a different day, and sunrises allow that diversity to prosper and begin. Sunrises give proof that adversity can be overcome, and that darkness is only an absence of the light that is so prominent in our lives. I welcome sunrises each morning with open arms and a tender heart, for they allow me to begin again and show me that love is more powerful than anything I can understand.

The sky has always fascinated me; the meaning it independently gives to a person is unique and inspiring. I have always told my friends that if I could be reincarnated I would want to be the sky. I think that would be pretty dang cool.

“Darkness exists to make light truly count.” – Uneven Odds by Sleeping at Last

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