The Strength of Fear and Love

Yesterday at dinner my friend asked me which was stronger: fear or love.

It took me a minute to think it over, but ultimately I chose love. And my response was truthful. Simply put,

Fear of a bullet doesn’t stop us from jumping in front of it. 

You can fear space, water, commitment, words, and so many other things this world has to offer. We can live in fear, and that will surely change the experiences we have. But fear isn’t patient, fear is grasping. Fear is overtaking and fear consumes us. This consummation of a feeling so trembling and exhausting is the reason we don’t experience the things we wish for, it is the reasons we miss the moments that have the possibility to be life changing.

But on the contrary, love fights fear. Love gives someone a reason to go against their fears and make an impact. No fears would be faced if it wasn’t for love and passion. We wouldn’t know what we truly love and cherish if fear and hate were nonexistent. We accomplish the things we are afraid of because we love the outcome, or we love the person we’re helping. We are afraid because of the things we love, and the things we are afraid to lose. This is ultimately why love is so much stronger; without love fear couldn’t exist.

Find your bullet. Find your passion. Love that comes from fear is the best kind of love there is, and it is amazing what people can do with it.

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