Thanksgiving 2016

The dictionary definition of thankful is

1. pleased and relieved.
2. expressing gratitude and relief.
However, this thanksgiving I would describe my feelings as fulfilled, aware, and longing.
Fulfilled. This world has a lot to offer and I have received as much as I can. I have friends who love me, a great education, and a family that supports me. I know my passions and my goals, and I look forward to the future. I am fulfilled in what I have worked for and have been blessed with, and for that I am thankful.
Aware. This thanksgiving I was extremely sick for the time of the festivities and family time. We were visiting family in Iowa, and when we arrived I had a super high fever, a horrible headache, and an awful cough. After an exhausting trip to the emergency room Wednesday night, I awoke thursday feeling more sick than I had earlier in the week. I wasn’t able to eat, to play the games, or have the energy as I normally do each thanksgiving. But I was also surrounded with people and family who loved me and worked in my best interest, while still enjoying themselves at the same time. They medicated me, gave me water, and made sure I was having as much fun as I could have. I am aware every day of how lucky and blessed I am to live the life I do, but this year Thanksgiving made it apparent as well. On a holiday when I couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest, I still was incredibly blessed by those around me and the environment I was in. I am thankful for this awareness because it helps me to have and live out certain passions.
Longing. Thanksgiving is a day when family and friends come together to literally eat. A lot. There are people who would give everything for a meal like one I eat every day, let alone a massive meal like thanksgiving dinner. Everyday, on thanksgiving especially, my heart longs for those who can’t get the nutrition they need. I am thankful for organizations and world-changers who work every day to end this problem.
Everyone has a lot to be thankful for. Whether it be the small or big things. I am thankful for the sky, for confetti cake, for good music, and for shoe-strings; for the roof over my head, the people in my life, and the ambitions I have. This thanksgiving I am thankful. And I want to be thankful every day of my life.

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