Uganda 2016

I think starting with something I am deeply passionate about is a good idea for me.

February of 2015, I had the privilege to travel to a small country in Africa called Uganda. I have never fallen in love with a place as fast and intensely as I did when I spent two weeks here. It was a hard time, I saw injustices and calamity that broke my heart and challenged my personality. However, those injustices showed me that my purpose was to live a life focused on correcting them.

Despite the hardships I witnessed on this trip, I was surrounded by the most selfless and beautiful people the world has ever seen. It turned my heart upside down witnessing the struggles people as pure as them were facing, especially those struggles that weren’t in their hands or control.

Uganda has a sad history, especially at the time of the dictator who enforced a ruthless genocide. The hospitals are home to more deaths then saved lives, and innocent people do not have enough water or food. I believe these people deserve and should receive the same privileges I have, but unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way.

While we were there, I worked with children in the villages. I aspire to be as giving and honest as those kids were. Some had never seen white people before, and were terrified. Others were dumbfounded and wanted to touch and climb over us all day. It was the best of times due to the Ugandans who loved and cared for us during the duration of our trip. I cannot wait to go back and admire the glowing smiles of the people I dearly love once again.

This post has no moral, but it encompasses the pain and beauty this country has and does represent. I want to spend my life learning and visiting places like this, and I’m honored that Uganda was my first.

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