Oklahoma – July 2015

For the past month and a half, I have been nonstop traveling. The last week of July, all five members of my family happened to be home, so why not take a family vacation to Oklahoma?! Sounds funny right, who would vacation to Oklahoma? That’s what I thought.. but this trip was actually one of the best family vacations I’ve been on.

We drove six hours to Broken Bow, OK, which a 90 pound dog, three kids, and a grumpy mom and dad. But when we got there, the six hours were worth it. We stayed in a nice cabin in the middle of the forest.

For a good amount of the time we were there, I read in my Eno (-> www.eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com <-), surrounded by the prettiest environment. Especially with the things going on right now in our regular life, this down time was much needed. Our family rented a boat two days, and we went tubing, swimming, and adventured a lot. We also hiked 5 miles (half of it uphill) which was gorgeous. There were barely any restaurants, or grocery stores in the town we were staying in, but it was nice.  As weird as it is to say, our Oklahoma vacation was wort



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